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Market data analysis - Deep Dive

The visualisation of the actual healthcare reality based on an analysis of the data from German hospitals (used to invoice the payers) offers our customers the opportunity to develop a market understanding which, in turn, allows a (market) targeted adaptation of healthcare concepts and business models.

The aim is to present the actual situation of the healthcare market, trends and market potentials based on OPS-codes.

These market analyses are perfectly appropriate to aid the medical industry in the understanding and evaluation of the market potential and the current healthcare situation. These analyses may also be helpful in the discussion, planning and establishment of joint healthcare models with care providers and payers and thus become the basis for alternative Reimbursement models.

Both, the Joint Federal Committee (“Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss” (G-BA)), the German Federal Statistical Office (“Statistisches Bundesamt” (Destatis) and the German DRG-Institute (“Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus GmbH”) (InEK)), provide different public data, which are based on the data from German hospitals used to invoice the payers.

HcH has access to numerous data sources, a deep knowledge of existing data structures and many years of experience in evaluating this data. The central element of these data are OPS-codes which require medical expertise and knowledge of their usage (coding) for an exact evaluation and identification  -  expertise, we can offer.

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