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Where did we get in 2020?

Healthcare Heads helps the medical industry and in particular the manufacturers of medical devices to overcome barriers in Market Access and Reimbursement.

In 2020, we have helped 25 companies from the US, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and Japan to reach Market Access and Reimbursement on the German healthcare market. Around 50% of these companies already worked with us in 2019, including big, international companies with market leadership in their area as well as start-ups. They are producers of medical technology and medicine who receive information and support from us on their way to remuneration in the in-patient and out-patient primary healthcare sector in Germany. We jointly analyzed and developed the therapy Reimbursement, the Reimbursement situation, the case lump sums and the DRGs for the in-patient and out-patient sector. The Reimbursement of treatments is especially important for hospitals due to the Reimbursement of services as case lump sums following the Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) system.

We directly applied or indirectly supported the procedures for specific DRGs, OPS-codes (German: Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel – German procedure classification) or even NUB-services (German: Neue Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsmethoden – new examination and treatment methods) with the focus on improving the Reimbursement. We are familiar with the various application procedures and requirements (OPS-code applications, NUB-proposals, proposals for the further development of the DRG-system) at InEK and BfArM (formerly DIMDI) because of  our previous employment at InEK working on the G-DRG-system. We also participated in the Reimbursement of medical aids, the DiGA-application procedure (DiGA = digital healthcare applications) and the compilation of Reimbursement information (like coding guidelines), contribution margin analyses, Reimbursement analyses and market analyses for our clients and their customers in cooperation with several institutions.

In 2020, we invested a lot of time to meet the demands of the various procedures and to study the numerous new regulations, agreements and guidelines that are relevant for the application of medical devices in hospitals. Based on our medical knowledge, we  focus not only on the situation of the manufacturers, but also on the patients themselves and the service provider (e.g. the hospital).

By 2020, the number of companies that have received continuous support from us every month for a wide range of issues has significantly increased. Since these companies do not have sufficient Reimbursement and Market Access capacities, we are continuously available to them when it comes to answering questions on various topics, such as the correct coding of diagnoses (ICD-10-GM) and procedures (OPS-codes), the remuneration via DRGs and the mapping of in-patient treatments and medical devices in the remuneration system.

More and more start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises are consistently outsourcing these services. We were also able to considerably increase the number of applications we support in the area of new examination and treatment methods (NUB). In this area, we can now offer a broad portfolio of different services that help to integrate medical devices into the DRG-system.

In addition, despite the challenges posed by the Corona pandemic, we were able to create two new positions in 2020, significantly raising the number of employees and our productivity. By consistently digitizing our company and all processes from the very beginning, we were able to increase our productivity and sales despite the lockdown, while enhancing our already high quality at the same time. New structures, the transfer of the company into a GmbH, the optimization of our business processes as well as new business partners and the intensification and consolidation of cooperations have all taken us further along this path. For 2021, we have set the goal of surpassing the last year and continuing to grow. We want to improve our customer experience and offer our customers even better and tailor-made solutions for overcoming Reimbursement and Market Access barriers. We also see great potential in the area of market analyses and cost-benefit-analyses, hence we will continue to adapt our services here to keep up with our client’s needs and developments. We would like to thank all those who have accompanied us on this journey so far for your support and look forward to the coming years.

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