Healthcare Heads

About us

Who we are

Healthcare Heads is a consultancy in the medical sector. We focus on consulting services in the field of Reimbursement and Market Access. One of our main characteristics is the multidisciplinary approach between medicine, healthcare, Economics as well as Sales and Marketing.

Our customers are mainly medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Our approach to the healthcare system is strongly influenced by our medical education as physicians. Expertise and experience from the fields of (health hospital) economics, public health, (health) management, the medical industry and public healthcare system complement our perspective.

This broad expertise and detailed knowledge of the German healthcare system is our key strength and sets us apart from competitors.

Mission & Vision

We believe that development of the healthcare system’s framework with a focus on the patients’ needs is a modern version of the traditional conception of a physician. This perspective in combination with our expertise leads to individual and innovative solutions for our customers.

It is our standard to be a reliable partner in the development and implementation of individual and innovative Market Access strategies and Reimbursement solutions for highly qualitative products. This aim and our customers’ satisfaction are gained by an ideal consulting service based on focused expertise. This is how we can participate in developing the future of our healthcare system.

Our Team

Dr. med. Susanne Habetha MPH


  • Physician with a professional career in hospital and outpatient settings
  • Master degree in public health (MPH), focus on healthcare management
  • Occupation in the German DRG Institute (Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus GmbH (InEK))
  • Involved in Reimbursement decision preparation and development of the G-DRG-system from 2003 to 2009
  • Successful multi-year engagement with the medical industry in Market Access consulting

Sven Sauermann


  • General Surgeon by training with a multi year professional clinical career
  • Occupation in the German DRG Institute (Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus GmbH (InEK))
  • Involved in Reimbursement decision preparation and development of the G-DRG-system from 2005 to 2009
  • Master course in business administration (focus hospital economics)
  • Ten years successful experience on senior level for Reimbursement, Market Access, External affairs, health economics and outcomes research (and hospital economics in the medical industry)

Julia Herzberg

Marketing and Projectmanager

  • B.A. in Sociology and English language and literature
  • Team member since 2017
  • Responsible for HcH marketing
  • Project manager for Reimbursement analysis and brochures

Sina Jessen

Junior Manager Business Operations

  • M.A. media conception 2022
  • Team member since 2021
  • Focus on marketing, presentations, design, research and communication

Solveig Burkert

Back Office Assistant

  • MBA expectedly 2022
  • Team member since 2020
  • Focus on translations, finance and controlling

Lennart Petersen


  • Bachelor studies in Business Informatics
  • Team member since 2021
  • Responsible for IT and databases