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Additional Reimbursement for innovative therapies (NUB)

The so-called NUB proposal process (also called NUB application) is an opportunity to receive a separate Reimbursement for innovative therapies.

Aim of the NUB proposal process is to achieve a Reimbursement for expensive and innovative therapies which are not yet sufficiently represented in the G-DRG-system.

For multiple medical devices, one of the first steps towards a sufficient Reimbursement is a NUB proposal in combination with an OPS-code proposal.

NUB proposals can be submitted annually until October 31 for the following year. You will find all relevant information on the NUB proposal process bunched in our latest Whitepaper for download.

Although the proposals have to be submitted by hospitals, the industry has an important role for the success of NUB proposals. To be successful with a NUB proposal, several factors and parameters have to be considered. That is why Healthcare Heads offers different services during the NUB proposal process:

  • The preparation of a NUB proposal
  • The management of the NUB proposal process
  • A second opinion on your already existing NUB proposal
  • The total package of all services for the support of NUB proposals is our “NUB program”. The NUB program merges all our expertise and longtime experience in the participation of multiple successful NUB proposals.

The Healthcare Heads team are experts in this field and familiar with the decision-making process of NUB proposals.

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