Healthcare Heads

Healthcare Heads supports medical device companies in the Market Access of innovative medical technologies in Germany.

Our unique combination of expertise and experience in the German healthcare system enables us to support the development of successful strategies and the product sale of our customers.

We help you to overcome Market Access barriers and to reach more patients with your technology.


Phone: +49 431 800 147 0

We are looking forward to be speaker on the German DRG system 2022 at the monthly MDMA call on October 21st.

Healthcare Heads as a speaker at BVMed basic seminar: „Reimbursement of medical devices by the statutory health insurance”.


Do you plan the market access of your medical device in Germany and are visiting the Medica? Meet us there!

Healthcare Heads uses an additional office in the city of Bonn.

Healthcare Heads as speaker at VDE online event titled "Reimbursement: How manufacturers make money from medical devices."

The federal institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) published the final version of the ICD-10-GM for 2022.

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