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Consultancy for medical device companies to support Market Access of innovative medical products.

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Healthcare Heads specializes in delivering tailored consultancy services in Reimbursement and Market Access exclusively designed for medical companies targeting the German healthcare market.

Our mastery of Market Access spans across pivotal areas encompassing Reimbursement, Economics, Evidence and External Affairs. These key focal points empower us to provide you with holistic and all-encompassing solutions.

Distinguished by an unparalleled fusion of expertise and an extensive track record within the German healthcare realm, we stand as your foremost partner in shaping Reimbursement and Market Access strategies and ensuring their seamless operational integration.

In collaboration with you, we surmount barriers that impede market entry, unlocking pathways to connect your pioneering technology with a broader spectrum of patients. Let us embark on this journey together, unraveling the full potential of your innovation.

E-Mail: info@healthcareheads.com

Phone: +49 431 800 147 0


Little seems to be working in the German healthcare system at present. Even the established application procedure for OPS and ICD classifications with BfArM is experiencing technical difficulties.

The Institute for the Hospital Reimbursement System published a new version of the 2024 DRG catalog on its website on 2-26-2024.

Most current data on the German healthcare system ready for market analyses.

Healthcare Heads has been invited to give the members of the MDMA an update on the current situation of the German Healthcare Market.

Agreement in mediation committee on Hospital Transparency Act

The DRG Forum, Germany’s primary event about hospital financing, will take place on March 21 and 22, 2024.

On February 21st, the Federal Council Conciliation Committee will negotiate the Hospital Transparency Act.

288 of the requested procedures for NUB (new examination and treatment methods) were assessed with "NUB status 1".

Hybrid-DRGs cannot be reimbursed.

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