Healthcare Heads

Healthcare Heads offers consultancy services for the medical technology industry to support the Market Access of innovative medical devices.

We focus on Market Access, Reimbursement, Economics, Evidence and External Affairs projects.

Our unique combination of expertise and experience in German healthcare enables us to support the development of successful strategies and the product sale of our customers.

We help you to overcome Market Access barriers and to reach more patients with your technology.


Phone: +49 431 800 147 0

The Hospital Future Act shall improve medical and technical care in hospitals with 3 billion Euro.

The DGfM hosts this year’s symposium online in a “virtual venue”

The extra expenses of German health insurances will rise to approximately 16 billion in the next year, which will probably affect the additional dues paid by health insurants.

BfArM clarifies DiGA prescription process with explanations of relevant data

The health innovation hub hosts the first international DiGA summit in English on the 16th of September.

The federal government and the German states are expected to invest 4,3 billion Euros as one-time support for hospital funding due to the Hospital Future Act (KHZG).

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