Market Access

Pathway to a successful medical device

Your individual Reimbursement and Market Access Workshop for the German healthcare market

  • Are you a manufacturer of an innovative medical device and would like to know how Market Access in Germany is structured?
  • Which legalities and rules must be observed for Market Access in Germany in order to receive appropriate Reimbursement?
  • How can proper Reimbursement be achieved for your product and the associated therapy?
  • Is there already Reimbursement for your product or associated therapies?
  • Which healthcare sector and Reimbursement pathway are relevant and realistic?
  • Which clinical and economic data are needed to prepare for Market Access?
  • Are there opportunities for you as a manufacturer to participate in various application processes for the NUB procedure, OPS codes, DRGs, ZEs, etc. and how do you get access to the procedures?
  • What do you need to consider in these procedures in order to be successful? Do you need supporters?
  • When is the right time for the various activities and what resources are necessary for this in the short term? What do you need to plan for in the long term?
  • Who are the various contacts and stakeholders, who are the patients, and who are your customers?


We will answer these and all other questions you may have on the subject of Reimbursement, Market Access and health economics for the German healthcare market in a modular workshop tailored to your individual needs.

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