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Reimbusement Guidelines

Healthcare Heads offers the preparation of Reimbursement guidelines to provide Reimbursement information for your product and product-related therapies.

We have more than ten years of experience in creating product specific Reimbursement guidelines and coding information for the medical industry.

Reimbursement guidelines in Germany are mainly used as a communication tool by the medical industry within the in-patient sector. Here, all therapies are reimbursed via the G-DRG-system. The allocation of therapies in the German DRG-system is often complex. This makes it reasonable for the medical industry to provide detailed Reimbursement information to purchasing decision-makers at the hospital and an overview of all relevant information.

Reimbursement guidelines are a product-specific collection of the official Reimbursement and coding information. On the basis of theoretical case examples, the information and regulations are implemented, and typical Reimbursement scenarios are illustrated. Reimbursement guidelines are used in Germany by the medical industry to communicate the complexity with the clinical as well as non-clinical users. The medical industry uses this information on a regular basis to make it available to all relevant contact persons in the hospital.

Such a guideline aims to provide all necessary and relevant information to both, clinical users and contact persons from the administration (e.g. medical controllers, buyers, managing directors, commercial managers, financial controllers, etc.), but also to sales personnel itself to counteract, for example price discussions in the economically sensitive German market. This includes the presentation of relevant publicly available information for the encoding of diagnoses (ICD-10-GM codes) and procedures (OPS-codes), as well as official information if and when to use these codes. Typically, this information is complemented by therapy- and product-specific case scenarios, as well as their assignment and grouping into the corresponding DRGs, including presentation of the Reimbursement information, as well as DRG key figures (tariff, LOS etc.).

Thus, answers to typical Reimbursement questions can be provided, which, otherwise, cannot be answered at all, or only with a much higher effort.

The different clinical and non-clinical users have different perspectives on the Reimbursement information. An information brochure should be designed in such a way that all contact persons will find relevant information in a clear format, allowing optimal support for internal decisions and application processes.

We at Healthcare Heads are physicians and economists with many years of experience in the medical industry. We have a broad expertise in hospital financing, Reimbursement via the G-DRG-system, and more than ten years of experience in preparing such guidelines for the industry.

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