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HcH Data Explorer Tool

For the German healthcare market, various data from different data sources are available. The basis of this data allows comprehensive analyses of the healthcare market, the performance and Reimbursement situation. Based on the data analyses, operational and strategic Reimbursement and Market Access decisions are reliably possible to develop a targeted Reimbursement strategy.


In order to provide our clients with easy access to this data, we have developed the Healthcare Heads Data Explorer Tool (HDE tool).


The HDE tool is an online-based tool that we developed specifically for the simple and reliable search for market data on the German healthcare market. With the HDE tool, you can independently search the HcH Health Market Data Base and thus determine, for example, market figures or market volumes for various services and procedures on the German healthcare market. We would be happy to demonstrate to you in a non-binding discussion which analysis options we can provide.



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