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Proposal for a specific OPS-code

One of the primary activities regarding a Reimbursement and Market Access strategy is the implementation of a preferably product specific OPS-code. 

OPS-codes and the OPS classification play a decisive role in the various Reimbursement systems in the German healthcare system. In addition to the ”Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab” (EBM) for out-patient Reimbursement, the G-DRG-system in particular is defined by OPS-codes and is therefore dependent on them.
Without further development of the OPS classification, further development of the G-DRG-system would not be conceivable. The activities within the further development of the OPS therefore clearly belong into a Market Access and Reimbursement strategy.
Without a specific OPS-code, especially in the in-patient lump-sum system, a specific Reimbursement in Germany would be inconceivable. The timely and correct proposal of an OPS-code thus plays a decisive role for the Reimbursement of therapies and products.
The further development of the OPS classification and the further development of the G-DRG-system are structured and dependent on each other. There are proposal deadlines that must be considered. As a result, this means that the medical industry should be certain of the Market Access activities within a strategic orientation about one to two years previous to the CE mark and placing on the market of their medical devices.

Find more information on OPS-codes in our Whitepaper for download here.



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