Hospital reform back on track?

Agreement in mediation committee on Hospital Transparency Act

In the evening of 2-21-2024, the Hospital Transparency Act passed the mediation committee with a narrow majority and can now be ratified in the Bundesrat.

The federal states had criticized the additional bureaucratic burden on clinics and the inadmissible encroachment of the federal government on the states’ hospital competencies, while Federal Health Minister Lauterbach had made the transparency law a condition for further negotiations on the controversial Hospital Care Improvement Act (KHVVG).

Yesterday, hospitals were promised a transformation fund of 50 billion euros, to be financed in equal parts by the federal and state governments. The fund is to apply for 10 years from 2025.

This amount corresponds to the investment backlog calculated by the German Hospital Association, money that should have been invested in the hospital infrastructure by the federal states all along.

Although the minister’s plans continue to be the subject of controversial debate, this is another step forward to a much-needed hospital reform.

What does all this mean for hospital planning, for pre-imbursement, and which hospitals will benefit from it? Contact us if you would like to find out more details.

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